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Get to know Bill and share in a DWELLING Book Reading experience as he takes you on a journey of the book.

If you missed the last Dwelling Book Reading Experience and would like to attend a future experience, please let us know by getting in touch with Bill.  You can also sign up to receive our newsletter where we will keep you posted of future Dwelling events.

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Now's your chance to get to know Bill and hear him read from the DWELLING book.

This won't be your typical book reading and signing though!


Hear Bill read excerpts from the book. Read and listen to our blog post below from the last Dwelling Book Reading Experience.


Hear Bill's story about what brought him to this work and way of understanding and experiencing the built environment.


Practice guided exercises and meditations from the book.


Get to know other people on the same path of connection and rootedness.


See for yourself how Bill was able to incorporate the philosophy of DWELLING in his own home by taking a tour of Holly House in Takoma Park, MD.


Receive a 10% discount for the DWELL TO LIVE workshop.



Want to meet Bill and hear him read from the DWELLING book?

Want to engage in a selection of meditative exercises from the book?

Want to see Bill's home, which embodies DWELLING qualities and meet other like-minded people?

If you want to attend a Dwelling Book Reading Experience or would like to host one, please get in touch with Bill or sign up to receive our newsletter and we'll keep you informed of future events.

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