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Personal Dwelling Home Consultations for improving your experience of DWELLING, living further into your space.



The larger CONTEXT of where you live, what you’re a part of.

Explore how you LIVE in your home -

Your home and place - how they flow, and how they don’t.

Your questions? What doesn’t work for you?

Your joy! What does work for you?

How do you DESIRE to live in your home? What EXPERIENCES do you want to create in your home?

What are the LIFE-GIVING IMPULSES you want to live into?

Bill will give you a series of creative/meditative exercises. A condensed version of the DWELL TO LIVE workshop. 

Bill will work with you to create ways to ADJUST YOUR HOME to embody the life you want to live.

Bill will work with you to help you develop ways to DWELL in your home - how to DEEPEN YOUR LIVING in your home.



The process you will follow and other important details.


  • An initial phone call, so Bill can understand your intentions. Also discuss pragmatics, such as schedule, more specifics on the day.
  • Bill sends you homework, including asking you to read the DWELLING BOOK.
  • Bill reads your homework.
  • Bill creates an agenda for the day, based on your intentions and homework.
  • Bill comes to your home for the consultation.
  • You end the consultation establishing further work that would serve you. Bill continues being as much a part of your process as desired (responding to phone calls, email, etc.).
  • If substantial subsequent work together is needed, Bill would return for a second day.


$800 for the whole process. Additional days, if needed, are offered at a 38% discount of $500 each. If you live outside the Washington DC area, you are responsible for travel expenses; Bill enjoys, and finds it very helpful, to stay with clients when traveling out of town.


Get in touch with Bill if you are interested in doing an in-home consultation or gifting a consultation to someone you love!

Ultimately, DWELLING can only be learned through doing. Bill can come to your home and help you see further into how you can DWELL. This is an all-day exploration, begun with homework beforehand. It can also expand into a few days, depending on your intention. Bill will remain available long beyond the initial consultation.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with Bill.

You can also read the latest writing Bill sent to clients after a DWELL TO BUILD consultation "Reflections for a client wanting to build a courtyard home in Mexico"

-- and check out their testimonials below!

Dwelling is a truly beautiful book. Bill's poetry is wonderful - and I love how he has interlaced his poetry within a progression of nature photographs and the poetry of others as an expression of this important theme.. I look forward to sitting down in a quiet place and reading this book many times through.


Are you interested in conscious living and sustainable design?

Do you want to live in your home connected to the forces of nature --
the wind, the sunlight and the rain?

Are you ready to explore your inner Home?

Purchase an in-home consultation today!

Dwelling Consultations

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