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Dwelling Workshops are mindful explorations to experience DWELLING. The workshops invite you to explore the dialogue between your inner Home and how it relates to the physical home you live in.

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Ultimately, DWELLING can only be learned through doing. Bill offers workshops that can help you experience DWELLING, to understand your relationship to your home and identify ways to engage more fully.

Duration of the workshop depends on participant’s intentions — how deeply you want to go into this work. As with all workshops, the real work is what you do after a workshop. Bill is available to participants long after a workshop. Want to know more about Bill Hutchins?

Bill offers two workshops:

  • Dwell to Build
  • Dwell to Live

If you would like to host a workshop, talk or gathering, anywhere in the world get in touch with BillIf you are a healer or a teacher doing parallel work and would like to team together, get in touch.


Dwell in your interior Home - your still, peaceful center - in the ways you live in and create your physical home. This workshop offers ways to Dwell as you adjust your home and live in your home.

This workshop is for you if you are looking to renovate, add onto or build a new home. Whether you're working with Bill or another architect, this workshop will allow you to explore what you really need and want, to create a home that is finely tuned to your aspirations and lifestyle.

Write to bill@dwellingtomakehome.com if you are interested in this workshop!


This workshop provides simple ways to deepen your living in your home; provide you with a fuller sense of peace and wholeness; provide place for intimacy; and open your connection to the natural world around you. This workshop will change your perception of your home and identify changes you can make to strengthen your relationship to it.

The next workshop is scheduled for September. There is limited capacity at Bill's house and the workshop fills up fast. Read on for more information and to sign up today!

More information

I was buying a house and went to Bill's workshop. The art part was scary, but it turned out to be transformative. Just one example - in one exercise, Bill asked us to draw our most nurturing childhood memories. I drew a blank worrying about the drawing part. Bill encouraged me to quiet my mind and let my feelings come (his calming presence and the poems really helped here).
I instinctively drew an orange fire, which reminded me of when I was around six and tending the fire on which my grandmother cooked (she had a wood burning stove).  Around the fire, I drew other feelings I wanted to feel in my home. Staring at the orange fire, I realized that cooking is central to what I wanted in a nurturing home for my family. Before this, I have always considered cooking "housework" best avoided. Now I enjoy cooking much more and recently bought a townhouse with a more substantial kitchen.


I began the workshop feeling a lot of fear and finished the day knowing great things are in store for me. Bill's gentle presence and inquiry during the workshop both encouraged me to dive deeper into myself and offered me the container to do so. I have been on a journey of self-discovery for many years, sometimes in extreme fashion, and I am gratefully surprised to have rediscovered a part of myself so sweetly and simply in the process Bill offers. I recommend this for anyone seeking to know themselves more deeply including who they are and what they want to be and create in their lives.


The poetics and the attempt to get to people's underlying assumptions and life and how they live; it is powerful and potentially game-changing.

For architecture, the questions of what do we need to feel joy and contribute to the planet seem most critical. I believe Bill challenges architects to ask very difficult questions of themselves in this book.





At your home or Holly House (my home), as part of a small group.



Four days, four people or four couples, four homes, during the four seasons.



Learn new ways to get to know your clients and build on your practice.


Your knowing of peace and wholeness - and how you can live into your Home in the ways you live in your physical home.


The workshop has a simple format, centered on being guided through a series of creative/meditative explorations.


Take in a poetic image, sit with it, wait for a response and express that response through drawing or modeling clay. Don't worry, this is not supposed to be art - no one will be judged upon their ability to create art. It is a form of expression to be shared with the rest of the group for insights from group participants.

You will be encouraged to explore your life-giving impulses -

  • what makes you thrive
  • what makes you connect to a physical space, and
  • how your home can embody these insights.
An intense and fun workshop! Working indoors and outdoors, with various breaks and an invitation to take the day at your own pace.


$150 - one-day and architect workshop.
$400 - four-day workshop.
Prices include a healthy, vegetarian lunch, and snacks/drinks.

The next one-day workshop is planned for September. There is limited capacity at Bill's house!


The one-day and architect workshop are usually held at Bill's house:

7108 Holly Avenue, Takoma Park, MD


Are you interested in conscious living and sustainable design?

Do you want to live in your home connected to the forces of nature --
the wind, the sunlight and the rain?

Are you ready to explore your inner Home?

The workshop is held at Bill's home with limited capacity and fills up fast. Reserve your place today!


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