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Client stories — John shares his experience of the book after attending a book reading

This week's blog post is written by John Bayerl. John attended the Dwelling Book Reading Experience on April 21 and wanted to share his impressions with us. Thank you John!


After attending one of Bill's book reading experiences and listening to him speak of his passion for Dwelling, I felt genuinely inspired.  I began reading his beautiful book and that inspiration continued to grow.

Dwelling: A Poetic Exploration of Home expresses a longing for home on many levels -- spiritually, psychologically, physically.  As an architect, Bill has a fine sensitivity to the ways in which our physical living space influences our sense of well-being and connection.  To dwell in a physical home is to put down roots, to ground ourselves in a familiar, comforting environment where we can truly be ourselves and see ourselves reflected.

Bill's book delves deeply into the psychological and spiritual grounding that comes when we "dwell" fully in our lives.  We become awake, aware, present to everything and everyone in our environment, including ourselves. Our physical home ideally supports a deeper spiritual grounding in our very essence as a human being.

Bill is a true visionary and poet and his book beautifully expresses the fine nuances of his soul.  The exquisite photography and many quotations from some of the great mystics make this a book to savor and keep coming back to.  One of Bill's own poems has stayed with me. It's called "Our Great Paradox":

Our great paradox

Is that Home is to be found only within ourselves.

At our still center, yet we make Home

By living in and through this world.

Our knowing of our Home is essential

Given the despair and anguish we encounter

Doing our work within our world crisis.

We, and our home

Can be a calm center

Within a hurricane.

Our voice in the world bears riper fuit

As our heart-crystal-center is clarified.

I heartily recommend Dwelling to anyone looking for a deeper sense of personal grounding,  soul connection, and soul expansion.

John Bayerl, 5/14/2018

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